Telo LTE Body Worn T6 Body Worn Camera

£245.00 exc VAT

Camera Field of View: 140 Degrees

Resolution: 1296P/1080P/720P

Weight: 168g

Display: 2.0 inch TFT LCD

Recorded file With GPS stamp

Auto switch to night vision

Pre-record up to 30-50 seconds

PTT button to work as radio speaker microphone

Dimensions: 98*60*30mm

Low light and Infrared Illuminator

Telo LTE Body Worn T6 Body-Worn Camera combines our smart body-worn camera, docking station with video evidence management system, professional solution with streamlined deployment, and advanced end-to-end evidence management.
The T6 Camera with PTT button can work with a radio as a remote speaker microphone; it combines the body-worn camera and radio RSM features.