Telo T2 Body Worn Camera

£185.00 exc VAT

Camera Field of View: 140 Degrees

Built-in Storage: 32GB Standard, 64/128GB Option

Weight: 130g

Resolution: 1920*1080P, 1280*720P

Date & Time Stamp: Yes

Charging Time: 4.5 Hours

Low Battery Alarm: Yes

Battery Life: 9 Hrs @ 720p; 8 Hrs @1080p

Password Protect: 6 Digit Security Code

Video Transfer: USB Interface

The RadioCam T2 is compact size, lightweight, a good fit for radio remote speaker microphone (RSM)
Furthermore, it's more than a RSM, it can record video, audio and take photo as evidence during day and night. RadioCam T2 is meeting the trend for reducing the number of devices that first responders wearing in the field.

Instant communication between two-way radio and cellular devices across different manufacturers
Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
Your choice data plan
Secure communication
Fast call set-up
Low set up costs
Low maintenance
High level of acceptance among users

Dimension 85*58*29 (mm)

Weight 130g

IP Rating IP66

Compatible Radio Model
M5:GP328plus, GP338plus, GP344, GP388, PTX760Plus, EX500, EX600, GL2000 M7:DP4000, DP4400, DP4600, DP4401, DP4601; DP3400/3401/3600/3601 XPR6300, XPR6500, XPR6550, XiRP8268, XiRP8608, XiRP8668, XiRP8200, XiRP8208, MTP850S; M11:XPR3300, XPR3500, XiRP6600, XiRP6620, DP2000/2400/2600, DP3441 MTP3000/3500/3550 M1:DP1400 TeloPTT Device:TE580, TE590
H5:PD70X, PD78X, PT580H, PT580H Plus H8:PD60X/66X/68X, X1e/X1p/Z1p
SP2:STP8000/9000 Series Airbus:THR9, TH9, TH1N
K2:TK-280,TK-290,TK-380,TK-385,TK-390, TK-480,TK-481,TK-2140, TK-2180, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3180, TK-5210, TK-5400, TK-5310, NX-200/300

Camera Specifications
Resolution 1920*1080P, 1280*720P

Field of View 140 Degrees

Night Vision Support

Built-in Storage 32GB Standard, 64/128GB Option

Low Memory Alarm Support

Recording Specifications
Video Quality Multiple Recording Resolutions 1920x1080p (30 FPS); 1280x720p (30 FPS)

Recording Format H.264 .MP4

Date & Time Stamp Yes

Low Battery Alarm Yes

Record LED Yes

Video Transfer USB Interface

Photo Specifications

Taking Photo Support

Battery Specifications

Type 3000mAh Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Charging Time 4.5 Hours

Battery Life 9 Hrs Continuous@720p; 8 Hrs Continuous@1080p;

Low Battery Alarm Support

Security Specifications

Password Protect 6 Digit Security Code