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2-Tone, 5-Tone CTCSS, DTCS

128 channel (max) / 8 zones

Emergency call

25W Output Power

8-character LCD display

IC-F5022M VHF Marine Base Station
The IC-F5022M marine base station is perfect for any organisations that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore.

Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few. Organisations such as National Coast Watch will also find this a useful backup for any offshore emergencies.

The IC-F5022M uses AC power by converting 240V AC voltage to 13.5V DC, and can be programmed for individual user's marine requirements. This fully approved unit has an adjustable power level and a simple display makes it easy to use.

An appropriate Ofcom operating licence will be required.

IC-F5022M Options and Accessories

  • HM-152 Hand Microphone for PMR transceivers.
  • OPC-1132 DC power cable (3m)
  • OPC-347 DC Power cable (7m)
  • SM-26 desktop microphone.
  • SP-22 Mobile extension speaker (5 watt 4 ohms)
  • UT-108R (40 pin) DTMF decode unit. Provides DTMF selective call and ANI.
  • UT-109R high-performance, non-rolling voice scrambler board available with up to 32 codes.
  • UT-110R Rolling type voice scrambler unit. 40-pin type.

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