Airband Radio Remote Control Over a LAN, WAN or the Internet

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Voice over IP / Radio over IP

Remote control over the Internet

Remote control over wide area network

Remote control over local area network

XL supports up to 30 devices

Standard supports up to 8 devices

Multi type Radio systems

Virtual control heads


Mimer SoftRadio is a system that gives you the possibility to remote control your ground to air two-way radio over a LAN, a WAN, or over the Internet. It also lets you mix and match different brands and types of radios as well as phones and intercom.

Many dispatchers can share one radio and each dispatcher can operate many radios.

With the virtual control heads, you get the feeling of "sitting in front of the radio".

Icom IC-A120 Airband radio

The Icom IC-A120 Airband radio can be remotely controlled through Mimer SoftRadio giving the operator the ability to set the operating channel, the squelch level, and use audio and PTT.
As with all other SoftRadio you can operate several radios from one dispatcher and each radio can be operated from several dispatchers. Each dispatcher can also use other types of radios in a mix.


Channel/frequency selection is made by stepping up/down or by entering the channel name on the keypad. There is a virtual keypad on the control head and you can use the PC keyboard.
Please note that the radio's built-in shortlist of stored memory channels is not accessible. A future upgrade is planned to expand with this function.

Also, the receiver squelch level can be set from the Virtual Control Head.

Connection to the radio is made both from the front microphone connector and from the rear speaker connector.

No special programming is needed in the radio.

Suitable Network Interface is 3009/42.
Cable kit 3166/02.

If you do not need the ability to change the channel or set the squelch, you can use the simpler solution

Fixed Airband Radios

Typically we connect fixed airband radios to the Mimer SoftRadio system. They can be generic connected with only audio and PTT or they can have advanced remote functions for channel change and more.

Other radio types at airports etc

At many airports, there are other types of radios for use at ground communication. This can be Tetra, DMR, and more.
We have interfaces available to the SoftRadio system for many different radio types.

Add-ons and options

Mimer VoiceLog
When dealing with critical communication it is a good idea to record all audio between operator and radio users. The Mimer VoiceLog will do just that. With an instant listening function for the operator and a long time recording for the supervisor.

Mimer SIP Phone Connect
The operator will most likely need to use other communication than radio. Therefore we have a SIP phone add-on to SoftRadio. The operator can use the same PC, GUI, and headset for both radio and phone.

Advanced Audio Messages
With this option, the operator can record messages and transmit them on selected radio units. Manual or automatic.