Motorola Digital Radio Applications

Digital Radio Applications

There are many added benefits to having a digital radio system but probably the most notable one is the number of digital applications available. Numerous radio systems are now sold on the basis of the application and its capability instead of just than the radio equipment it utilises.

Application features can include:

  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Control Room Solutions
  • Call Dispatcher
  • Call Logging
  • Voice Recorder
  • Reporting
  • Emergency Voice Call Management
  • Outdoor GPS based Localisation
  • Indoor Beacon based Localisation
  • Guard Control
  • Man Down and Lone Worker
  • Personal Security Solutions

To see all of the Motorola Digital Radio Applications available, please download the Applications Brochure, If you are unsure which Application is required, you may wish to view the Application Features tables.

MotoTrbo Applications