Kenwood TK-3601DE

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High-quality audio

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32 dPMR446 Digital Frequencies

32 dPMR446 Digital Frequencies

Built-In Voice Scrambler

Easy to read display

48 Channels pre-programmed

The TK-3601D is a license-free dPMR446 and PMR446 UHF digital transceiver. The ready-to-use package comes with a transceiver, rechargeable battery, battery charger, mains adapter and belt clip. The TK-3601D is perfect for professional applications requiring a license-free, stylish, compact, light and easy to use digital two-way radio.

Digital / Analogue Compatibility
The TK-3601D is fully compatibility with legacy Analogue PMR 446 radios which means you can continue to use your existing Analogue radios without having to replace them until you need to.
As you'd expect, it implements ECC Decision (15)05 to capitalise on the new frequencies and provide a total of 48 channels (32 digital and 16 analogue) in three zones.
But, what really sets the TK-3601D apart is that it features a second PTT (Push-To-Talk) button which makes it extremely easy to operate in both analogue and digital modes:

TK-3601D Digital to Analogue mode:

  • Press the primary PTT and talk on your selected channel in Digital.
  • Press the secondary PTT and talk on your legacy Analogue channel. The radio now waits in Analogue mode for the reply.
  • When a caller uses Digital mode you simply hear them.
  • When an existing Analogue radio transmits on your chosen Analogue channel, the TK-3601D automatically scans and you hear the call.
  • To respond to an Analogue call, simply press the secondary PTT.

In addition, the TK-3601D also features the latest digital dPMR446 technology for improved radio interference protection.

Package includes:

  • KSC-44SL AC Adapter
  • KSC-50CR Charger Pocket
  • KNB-81L Li-ion Battery Pack
  • KBH-14 Belt Clip
  • User Manual